Hey Now!
Every Thursday we are at the Fish Depot in Boynton Beach! It's a great outdoor venue where you can eat, drink,and listen to some music under the stars!

This Saturday the 23rd we're at E.R. Bradley's Saloon in West Palm Beach.

On Sunday the 24th we will be back at the Funky Biscuit for The Rock and Roll Playhouse Concert Series! The Rock and Roll Playhouse's Family Concerts are a unique and interactive event. During each fun-filled show, children will explore live music, movement, and collaborative creativity. Young talents will gain knowledge and develop their musical skills through laughter and imagination. We invite the whole family to join us and play as we aim to build creativity in children! We hope you and the kids can join us!

Sunday after the Rock & Roll Playhouse show we head down to
The Joint in Miami, the music starts at 4:20. Hope to see you all there!!!!

Coming up at the end of October we'll be celebrating Halloween and 31 years of Crazy Fingers!!! October 30th at The Pompano Beach Brewing Company and the 31st at The Fish Depot!

You can check our calendar or our Facebook page 
for more information about our upcoming dates. Thank you for all your support!