Josh was born in Brooklyn and raised in the New York City area. He attended music schools throughout the NY area and moved to Florida in 1990 where he played with several different bands in the Tampa area including the Estimated Band, Stinky Jones, and PW Fenton and the 2nd Ward. Josh completed his studies in music composition and jazz performance at the University of South Florida, and in 1998 after a few years of sitting in with Crazy Fingers he moved to South Florida to become a full time member of the band. Josh also teaches music theory and piano during the day.


Lately Josh has been playing a Fender Rhodes electric piano played through a vox wah and boss overdrive and phase pedals, Oberheim Ob2 drawbar organ module – played through a Leslie 145 speaker cabinet, Kurzweill PC88, Yamaha Motif 6, and Honer Clavinet D6