Peter Lavezzoli

Peter, born in 1968, is a native of South Florida. His first exposure to music as a young child was the Beatles and Duke Ellington, and he became a dedicated collector of rock, jazz, and classical music. A self taught musician, Peter began working as a professional musician in his late teens. He met bassist Bubba Newton in 1989, and the two worked in various groups before forming Crazy Fingers in 1990, with Peter as drummer and vocalist. 

Peter is also a writer of musicology. In April 2001, his book on Duke Ellington, “The King of All, Sir Duke,” was published by Continuum Books of New York and London. His upcoming second book, “Bhairavi,” deals with Ravi Shankar and Indian music in Western culture. He then plans to complete a personal chronicle of the touring experiences of Deadheads, “A Short Time to Be There.” Peter studies Buddhist history and philosophy, and his long term future plans are to study and practice Music Therapy.

Peter’s primary musical influences are the Beatles, Grateful Dead, Duke Ellington, and Ravi Shankar. Other influences include Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Neil Young, Robert Fripp, Van Morrison, John Coltrane, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Johann Sebastian Bach. Peter’s favorite drummers are Jim Keltner and Tony Williams.


Peter uses a 4 piece 1968 Ludwig drumkit, Zildjian cymbals and sticks, and Remo drum heads.